Empowering your voice to inspire and influence.

Guiding you towards a fulfilling journey inprofessional speaking, tailored to your uniquestyle and goals.

Certified Expertise

With over 40 years of industry experience, I am committed to providing you with expert guidance.

Personalized Care

Renowned for tailored guidance, I prioritize trust and integrity in meeting your unique needs as a professional speaker.

Rewarding Results

With a focus on impactful results, my consultancy empowers clients to achieve success in the of professional speaking.

Your Trusted Speaker Coach

I’m here to support speakers at every level! Whether you’re just starting out, finding your footing, or already ​established, I understand the unique challenges you face. Perhaps you’re feeling stuck, wrestling with self-​doubt, or overwhelmed by uncertainty. Despite these challenges, your passion for speaking shines through. ​Still, you may wonder: ‘Am I truly enough? Can I turn my speaking dreams into reality?’ Let’s collaborate to ​overcome these hurdles and tailor a path to success that’s perfect for you.

With dedication, guidance, ​and the right support, your ​speaking goals can be ​achieved.


With 40 years of industry experience and as the ​founder of Goodman Speakers, I’ve shaped the ​landscape of professional speaking. A founding ​member of the International Association of ​Speakers Bureaus (IASB), I’ve held leadership ​roles in Meeting Professionals International ​(MPI) and the American Marketing Association.


In 2023, I received the John Palmer Legacy ​Award from the International Association of ​Speakers Bureaus for my service to the industry. ​In 2009, I was honored with the Women in ​Business Award from the Hartford Business ​Journal for my contributions to the field.

Areas of Service

Hiring a coach to help you build your speaking business is an important decision. It is an ​investment in your future—an endeavor that is both exciting and intimidating. It demands ​your time, energy, focus, and financial commitment.

Professional Development

Marketing Strategies

Business Building

Market Identification

Investment Program

Our most comprehensive program spans over three months, offering an intensive journey of growth and development. This program includes (2) 30-minute calls each month for the duration of three months, conducted via phone or Zoom for your convenience. In addition to these regular calls, you’ll benefit from unlimited email communication, ensuring continuous support and guidance throughout your journey.

This program is designed to:


Assist speakers in advancing their professional speaking journey to higher levels of success.


Provide comprehensive knowledge about the speaking industry, including its inner workings and effective navigation strategies.


Collaboratively set attainable goals and objectives aligned with your aspirations for your speaking business.


Offer critique and evaluation of marketing materials, including the development of a positioning market piece.


Work together to create a strategic plan tailored to your unique needs and goals for success in your speaking business.

Ready to invest in your speaking success?

With the market brimming with coaches and consultants—ranging from life coaches to speaking coaches to books and webinars—it’s crucial to find the right process and person tailored to your needs. Fill out the form to learn more about the program:

How it Works

15-Minute Complimentary Consultation

During this time, we’ll discuss your goals, explore how my coaching services ​can benefit you, and address any questions or concerns you may have.

Self-Assessment Worksheet and Reflection

By engaging in structured self-reflection, this worksheet series encourages you to evaluate your current circumstances and identify areas for improvement.

Strategic Planning

With Strategic Planning, you’ll receive personalized guidance and support to optimize your speaking business and achieve your aspirations.

Regular Coaching Calls

These sessions offer a dedicated space for reflection, guidance, and accountability as you navigate your journey towards personal and professional development as a speaker.

FAQ - Frequently asked questions


Why is it important to have someone else provide feedback on our work, especially in fields like public speaking?

Sometimes, it’s hard to see things clearly when we’re too close to them. They might notice things we didn’t realize, like if our website isn’t easy to use or if our descriptions are a bit dull. And it’s not just about pointing out what’s wrong—constructive criticism can actually help us improve.

How has your involvement in community and business organizations shaped your approach to public speaking?

These experiences have provided me with a diverse understanding of different audiences and their needs. By actively participating in chambers of commerce and serving on boards, I’ve learned how to adjust a message with different groups. Whether it’s addressing entrepreneurs, community leaders, or industry professionals, I understand the importance of tailoring content to suit their interests and concerns.


Are you ready to take the leap and ​invest in your growth and success?

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